SurplusGLOBAL and POSTECH NINT sign MoU to promote the industrialization of semiconductor technology, convergence technology, and advanced technology

2021-10-27 13:39 출처: SurplusGLOBAL (코스닥 140070)

SurplusGLOBAL CEO Bruce Kim is introducing the facilities to related parties of NINT at Semiconductor Equipment Cluster in Yong-In, South Korea

Yongin--(뉴스와이어) 2021년 10월 27일 -- On the 25th of October 2021, SurplusGLOBAL signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for technological improvement and development with the Nano Convergence Technology Institute (NINT) of POSTECH at the new headquarters of the Semiconductor Equipment Cluster in Yong-In, South Korea. The signing ceremony was attended by SurplusGLOBAL CEO Bruce Kim and POSTECH National Institute for Nanomaterials Technology President Jin-Gon Kim.

The purpose of this agreement is to provide technical cooperation to each organization between the NINT (National Institute for Nanomaterials Technology) at Pohang University of Science and Technology, and SurplusGLOBAL. The NINT supports the industrialization of technologies owned by technology commercialization companies by utilizing advanced equipment, facilities, and process and analysis technologies. SurplusGLOBAL was conducted to promote the commercialization of semiconductor technology, convergence technology, and advanced technology using its own technology and equipment.

The fields of cooperation in the technical agreement include ‘joint research and commissioned research’, ‘joint use of research facilities and equipment, and ‘exchange of technology and education with research personnel’.

SurplusGLOBAL CEO Bruce Kim said, “This is our first technical agreement that was conducted after the relocation of the new headquarters for SurplusGLOBAL in Yong-In, and so it was very meaningful opportunity to usher in the second act of SurplusGLOBAL,” and “We look forward to working closely with POSTECH NINT regarding the R&D Foundry service and business model.” he added.

Meanwhile, SurplusGLOBAL has moved to a new building with a floor space of 68,317m2 in Aug 2021 and is expecting to have about 20 to 30 semiconductor-related companies that will move-in in the first half of 2022.

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